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Instytut Hodowli i Aklimatyzacji Roślin - Państwowy Instytut Badawczy w Radzikowie 


05-870 Błonie

tel. 22 725 36 11, 22 733 45 00

NIP: 5290007029
REGON: 000079480

e-mail: postbox@ihar.edu.pl


Postdoctoral position (plant biotechnology) in project OPUS 19

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Stanowisko Postdoctoral position (plant biotechnology) in project OPUS 19
Miejsce pracy Radzików k/ Błonia, woj. mazowieckie
Termin składania ofert
Miejsce składania ofert Formal application should be sent by e-mail to a.orczyk@ihar.edu.pl as a single pdf file
Status w trakcie rozstrzygania

Organization:  Plant Breeding and Acclimatization institute – National Research Institute, Radzikow, 05-870 Błonie. 

Position: Postdoc in project OPUS 19 entitled “Ideotype of high yielding wheat plant based on genetic background of cytokinin-mediated regulation.” financed by the National Science Centre (NCN).


  • PhD in biology, agriculture or a closely related discipline within the past 7 years (preferably within 3 years)
  • demonstrated – in published articles – experience in plant molecular biology including genomic and transcriptomic research,
  • background in plant transgenesis and gene edition (CRISPR/Cas9), gene expression, analysis of databases (RNA seq), earlier experience with cereal species will be favorable,
  • good writing skills demonstrated by a publication record in peer reviewed journals, including articles published as a corresponding author, 
  • additional assets include internships in foreign or domestic research groups and experience as a principal investigator in research projects. 

The successful applicant is expected to have enthusiasm and solution-oriented attitude for the project’s goals, to smoothly cooperate with lab members, PhD student affiliated to the project and collaborating teams.

The main goal of the research is to i) establish the role of cytokinin and cytokinin regulating genes in different aspects of wheat productivity and to ii) create the ideotype of high-yielding wheat plant. To achieve this goal, we will test participation of three groups of genes in cytokinin-dependent development of generative organs, seedling roots and flag leaves. There are: i) cytokinin metabolism regulating genes, ii) selected transcription factors, iii) major genes regulating yield-related traits by cell division. Their cross talk in co-ordinated regulation of cytokinin and other phytohormones content will be investigated. We aim to establish the roles of these groups of genes in cytokinin signaling and in determination of wheat plant development and yield-related traits.

General hypothesis – Interaction of main genes affecting cytokinin-dependent development plays a key role in regulation of cytokinin homeostasis and determination of yield-related traits in wheat.

Salary planned in the project is 10.000 PLN/month (employer gross; net salary is 5900 PLN/month). An initial contract will be signed for one year with the possibility for 3 years extension (up to the 4 years in total). 

Preliminary inquiries: email to the principal investigator of the project prof. Anna Nadolska-Orczyk (a.orczyk@ihar.edu.pl).  

Formal application should be sent by e-mail to a.orczyk@ihar.edu.pl as a single pdf file including:  

  1. Application addressed to the Director of the Institute.
  2. Professional CV.
  3. Cover letter describing scientific experience and research goals (2 pages max).
  4. List of the 3 publications with short description of the candidate’s contribution.
  5. A copy of the doctoral diploma or a statement that it will be obtained before the date of employment.
  6. Names and contact details of 3 references willing to provide their opinion (or letters of recommendation). 
  7. Statement that the Institute (IHAR-PIB) will be the only work place for the period of the contract.
  8. A signed copy of a formal statement concerning the processing of personal data;

The position is available starting immediately. Evaluation of applications will begin as they are received and the position will remain open until a suitable candidate is found.

The applications will be evaluated by a Selection Committee according to the regulations by the IHAR-PIB. During the recruitment process, the selected candidates may be invited for an interview. 

If none of the candidates meets the formal and merit requirements, the enrollment will be prolonged and the position will remain open until a suitable candidate is found. 



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